Counting Days debut album "Liberated Sounds"


Out October 16

Available as CD and 180 gram LP


01. Burned by Faith
02. Die Alone
03. Beaten & Scarred
04. Life & Death
05. Liberated Sounds
06. Fire From The Sky
07. Days Go By
08. The Vines
09. Sands of Time
10. Prison of Misery
11. Cold Truth
12. Reunion

“Quite simply, Counting Days are the most exciting metal band to come from the UK since BMFV."
Terry Bezer, Team Rock

"While they might boast pedigree in UK hardcore that is second-to-none, Counting Days are, first and fore mostly, band who have the spirit of modern heavy metal etched into their veins. Combining ultra-melodic At The Gates style riffing with neck-snapping breakdowns and euphorically bombastic bounce, they are already shaping up to be one of the brightest emerging talents we have seen for a very long time. Do not sleep on them, you will regret it."
Tom Doyle, Kerrang

"I got contacted through the guys at Fredman studios, I know these guys pretty well, and trusted their judgement in checking this UK band out that were recording there. I was hit by the great mix of old school hardcore and crude death metal tone of the song. Did I want to come down and throw down some vocals? Hell yes! Turned out the vocals that I was going to use as a guide track were super ferocious and ass kicking, so that really fired me up to deliver on the highest level. These guys were super proffesional and I am sure that they will go far. canīt wait to check out the full album when itīs out!"
Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates)

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